About us

Esencial is a multidisciplinary group of national and Latin American opinion leaders with the highest real and current standards of training in different branches of specialized medicine.
We’ve been involved in the development and construction of medical knowledge in both academic and governmental instances regarding healthy lifestyle habits, weight control, cardiovascular prevention, arterial hypertension and health maintenance.
From this consolidated experience we have structured a team of physicians specialized in nutrition, anti-aging and longevity medicine, internal medicine, cardiology, endocrinology and alternative medicine that allows us a holistic vision of health as a central and fundamental axis for the accompaniment of our users.

How do we do it?

Esencial is a combination of forces to provide support, diagnosis, treatment, accompaniment and follow-up focused on the wellbeing of our patients.

Our proposal is based on health from the perspective of “health” and not disease. 

The gateway to our program is what is pertinent for you to take a path in health or turn towards a path of improvement if you are already in the area of disease. This is why nutritionology and anti-aging and longevity medicine are the beginning of our health journey.

The basic scheme is organized in a proposal of modular offers that will allow people to access our services according to their fundamental need, their main objective or their personal capacity for benefiting from the different services. 


Esencial is a working group committed to improving the quality of life of people from the perspective of maintaining multidimensional health by preventing or blocking the path to disease through educational interventions, detection, diagnosis and early treatment of risk situations or behaviors. 

To achieve our mission we have structured solid programs based on the knowledge of our specialists that complement and integrate harmoniously with state-of-the-art technological tools in order to offer the greatest benefit to the people who require it. 


By 2026 we will be a local and national benchmark in the management of processes aimed at helping people to maintain healthy lifestyles and to manage and improve their cardiovascular risk. 


Esencial Team
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