Dra. Diana Valenzuela

Program of nutritional approach from the medical point of view.
Use of nutrition as a preventive and therapeutic tool to strengthen health.

  • Personalized food prescription.
  • Nutrition and functional medicine.
  • Immunonutrition.
  • Body composition analysis.
  • Nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics.
  • Extension studies.

A program that integrates predictive medicine tools for the prevention and treatment of disease, as well as the maintenance and optimization of health, aimed at increasing longevity, life expectancy and quality of life.

  • Integral medical consultation.
  • Measurement of direct and indirect parameters predictive of real age and life expectancy.
  • Prescription of nutraceuticals and phytotherapeutics.
  • Biostimulation and cell regeneration procedures.
  • Hormone replacement therapy and pharmaceuticals.
  • Extension studies.

Program that integrates alternative medicines and therapies with scientific validity aimed at complementing the established medical management. 

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.
  • Homotoxicology.
  • Serum therapy.


Dra. Diana Valenzuela

Dr. Javier Moreno Cortes
  • Transthoracic
  • Transesophageal
  • Exercise stress


Dr. Javier Moreno


We can also put together a program according to your specific needs.

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